Lipophor & Alkphor Kit
(Polyacrylamide gel lipoprotein disc electrophoresis)

Lipophor kit

  • Electrophoresis time: 20-30 min
  • Correlation with ultracentrifugation method
  • Ready-made gel:No need to make stain and destain gel

Alkphor kit

  • Obtain the consistent with clinical status of ALP fraction (%)
  • Ready-made gel: No need to make gel
  • Heating treatment realizes the accurate measurement

1. Liquid Based Cytology

WisePrep Duet is a Cell Processor that performs Liquid-based Cytology.
After Cell Preserve Vials are inserted, the device automatically smears cells.
WisePrep Duet uses specially designed Cell Preserve Vials, Membrane Guide,
and Membrane to perform simple smearing process.
Running a smearing process with WisePrep Duet offers evenly spread out,
single-layered smear, which helps decrease examination failure rates.

  • Throughput up to 240 samples per hour
  • Adjustable 2 steps vacuum suction provides optimal smear quality
  • All parameters for Gyn., Body Fluid, Urine, FNA, Sputum, etc. can be saved separately
  • Very Simple Preparation, Very Convenient & Clean Operation
  • Automatic sample dispensing on to membrane
  • Free from contamination

2. Embedding Cassettes

  • We are distributing a various type of embedding cassettes.

3. Formapad (Designed for formalin absorption while grossing)

This product is ideal for smaller biopsy specimens as it features a dark contrast background.
Another popular feature is its permeable, non-woven blue laminate material which serves as an excellent work surface.
Pads absorb formalin and glutaraldehyde, as well as neutralize hazardous vapors.