Management Policy

Company Philosophy

We are proud of our business and contributing to the development of
science and culture.

Action Principles
  • We work in a faithful and honest manner.
  • We work with sincerity and devotion.
  • We work in a friendly and service-oriented way.
  • We work in a speedy and accurate manner with responsibility in mind.
  • We work in a polite manner.
  • We strive for high motivation.
  • We work with colleagues in a cooperative and friendly manner.
Management Goal
  • We aim to contribute to society, customers and shareholders, as well as the development of science and culture.
  • We aim to contribute to society through our company’s service as a taxpayer.
  • We aim, as a company, to have the energy to reach well-thought targets and realize the desires of company employees.
  • We, the company directors, aim to create a company that satisfies our employees.
  • We aim to grow the company for listing on the stock exchange.
Corporation Behavior
  • With sincerity and devotion (including ethics), management will recognize and understand the foundation of every good thing is being a corporate citizen with a conscience.
  • In the company’s ever-changing business environment, we will anticipate changes and adapt ourselves accordingly.
  • We strive to become a top-level company.
  • To meet our targets, we will strive forward with a firm belief that those targets can be achieved.
  • We will run the company with a strong sense of volunteerism to serve society.
  • We, the directors, share the functions and responsibility of the company, and work on the power of organization.
  • We will run the company by recognizing the importance of our employees receiving a fair evaluation for the results of their work, including salary, position, professional development and qualification.
  • The managing directors of the company recognize that it is essential to understand the character and ability of the staff, in order to cultivate and foster improvement.
  • We, the directors, transfer appropriate authority to responsible persons.
  • We run the company by carefully controlling numerical information.