We JOKOH CO.,LTD has started our business from 1947 in Hokkaido with our belief ‘Contribute to advances in healthcare ’. We are establishing credibility by operating business nearby customer. Our activity of CSR was admitted in the field of Clinical laboratory and radiation diagnostics. As a result, we were chosen as one of a Regional Companies who will lead future by Ministry of Economy in 2018.

We keep trying to focus on the regional economy by mobilizing the regional technologies in the area.
We believe business models and organizations need to change with social change.
In order to provide anticipated products and services, it is necessary to always have a wide views to assess trends in society. I think the boundary between developed countries and developing countries is blurred, and as a result, it seems that the issue standing in the way of population problems, environmental problems, and medical health problems. Efforts to solve such problems are already beginning beneath the surface. The world won’t be changed in a short time, but it is going to change into a large and right direction when you realize.

As a member of Japan’s innovation ecosystem, we keep working extensively with domestic and foreign research institutions without missing such a gradual but reliable change.