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Smart Sed

Irradiated special vacuum glass tube

3.2% sodium citrate as anticoagulant agent

120 mm length, diameter 8mm

Expiry date: 1 year from production date

Blood aspiration volume : 1.28ml

(measurable sample volume is 1.15 to 1.41ml)

Smart Mixer

Suitable for using in large hospital

Available to set up 32 tubes in the rack

Variable rotation speed 1 – 99 rev./m

Optional Mixer for Smart Rate

Smart Printer

Sedimentation curve graph is printable

Connected to the Smart Rate by RS-232C

Optional printer for Smart Rate

Manual scale

Available to use it for the backup for ESR analyzer

For 10 samples

(1) Read 30 min. and 1 hour value after 30 minutes
(2) Reader 2 hours value after 1 hour