Our motto is ‘Break new ground’. It means we are challenging difficult nano-dispersion.
We support the development of high-performance materials that form the basis of our customer’s making by NAGS series with advanced nanotechnology and high technical service capabilities cultivated through numerous processing results.

We are developing our initiatives with the branding of “Nanogenesis”, “Break New Ground.

Ultrahigh-pressure Homogenizer

NAGS is Ultrahigh-pressure Homogenizer made by JOKOH.
It atomizes slurry samples.

  • ■Performance : dispersion, pulverization, and emulsion.
  • ■Maximum pressure : 250MPa.

Equipped with our proprietary JK unit (dispersion, emulsification, and crushing part), the sample pressurized by the high pressure pump passes through the JK unit to disperse, emulsify, and crush particles.


JOKOH originals H-shaped diamond nozzle

  1. ①.Generation of the parallel liquid phase jet streams.
  2. ②.Particles collision and a flow-through linear effect.
  3. ③.Vortex jet stream.


Minimum contamination

We can atomized with minimal contamination which said impossible by media mill.

Even a small quantity is OK.

Only 8ml samples can be processed by reducing the time that samples in the device stay. Even samples that are expensive and trace amounts can be processed with confidence.

Available to adopt high viscosity and high concentration sample

High viscosity (less than 20000mPa・S) and high concentrations (60% or less) can also be processed.

Available to adopt organic solvent

Most organic solvents such as acetone, toluene, and NMP can be used.
Of course, it is also possible to use in the water base sample.