Atomization service

We are offerring you the atomization service at our facility in Kanagawa Pref. With more than 1000 experiments, our technical specialists of the atomization will support and solve your technical issues as a technical advisor.

■Test processing

We use the technique that have been cultivated by many experiment results by the latest device, and we process it in the shortest time with our original technique.
We will provide a processing stated report in connection with your “filled in” application form of sample processing by using the high sensitivity analytical instruments for monitoring nano particle size distribution and the probe microscope plus additional ancillaries equipment. Under request we can carry out through external collaboration with R&D University institute, various additional tests like SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy).

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■Customized production by consulting

Setting up new instrument can cause risks and investments budget.
In order to reduce the risk of customer, we are helping to minimize the burden of capital investment until the production of sample shipments and full-scale market launch. Please use our company as your production factory.
Rest assured that material received from customer is controlled by our strict confidentiality.

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